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Train a child to make good decisions; lay good character foundations, and see lives changed for the better.

The Old Testament Trumps pack Character List:

Aaron, Abraham, Adam, King Ahab, Boaz, Caleb, Cain, Daniel, King David, Delilah, Elijah, Elisha, Queen Esther, Esau, Eve, Gideon, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob, Jethro, Queen Jezabel, Jonah, Joseph, Joshua, Judah, Lot, Miriam, Moses, Naomi, Noah, Pharaoh, Rachel, Rahab, Rebekah, Samson, Sarah, Saul and King Solomon.

The New Testament Trumps pack Character list:

Andrew, Appollos, Aquila, Barnabus, Bridesmaids, Elizabeth, James, James son of Zebedee, Jesus (of course), John son of Zebedee, John the Baptist, Joseph, Judas Iscariot, Luke, Martha, Mary (Jesus Mum), Mary Magdelene, Mary of Bethany, Matthew, Nathanial, Nicodemus, Paul, Peter, Philip, Priscilla, Silas, Simon, Stephen, Thaddaeus, Thomas, Timothy, Woman at the well, Zacchaeus, Zechariah.

Every card has a picture reveals more than just another bible character.  You will find clues to each of their bible stories or something specifically about them or a family member.  Can you remember who Joseph’s mum was?  Well, Rachel has a baby in a technicoloured blanket – easy!  What about Lot’s life?  Well she turned back and became a pillar of salt – so Lot is a sculpture chipping away at his wife’s hair (she’s a statue of course!).  All these clues are there for the kids to learn through fun!

70+ bible characters in our Trumps packs all with a story to tell:

Queen Esther –  story is packed full of power, romance and intrigue.  The most beautiful woman in the land is selected to marry the King.  But things go terribly wrong and she has to prepare a Banquet of food to try and tell the king what’s happening without being caught.  Our picture of Esther helps reminds children of the story!

What great decisions & a great role model!


King David is remembered as one of the greatest Kings in the Old testament.  He was the Giant killer (Courageous & Fearless), a poet (Creative), a great leader (Resourceful & Perserverant) and a man after Gods own heart (Faithful). 

Here, David is shown before he becomes king as a young man with a King David logo designed jumper – really cool.  He has a sling over his shoulder, five round stones in his hand and a big green giant behind to fight!  Lots of clues to a great story.

I hope you decide to buy a pack of our cards and try to find the links to all the other characters – good luck!

By the way, we’ve started the gallery page so if you have a photo of children playing the game (or adults) that you are happy for me to use, please send it to me to use on the website.  The more images the better – thank you all!