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  • “We have been playing Testament Trumps in small groups with our younger members of Brigade, which they all love. When they are altogether, I've been taking a card and character week by week and using a memorable visual from the card that connects the Biblical story and principle of what God wants us to know and have as Truth applied to our lives. That's the challenging bit for a 5 - 11 year old! But both the great artwork and the Bible memory verse helps them connect. This game is a definite winner, it's fun, children love a competitive edge of statistics and they get seeds of truth that are potentially life-changing.”
    Gay Francia Community and Family Worker, Trinity Methodist Church
  • “I have used Testament Trumps in my youth ministry, using them to play the classic top trumps game but also in other Bible games and elements, such as Bible character pairs, Which Bible character are you, and Bible character guess who!”
    Alan Witchalls Youth & Children's Minister, Parish of High Ongar
  • “Our family has had a lot of fun with Testament Trumps and our children (and us!) have learned a lot about each of the Bible characters. It's a very fun game and a great way to spend time together.”
    Jacqui Pringle
  • “Will certainly buy the new ones for my 'grand' little ones ! Have played with grandchildren and friend's children. Have just sent them for a birthday present for friend's grandchildren. Our youngest grandchild is next on the list!”
    Jean Woodward
  • “It has been a real pleasure to work with Steve Strongman over the last few years. We have taken Testament Trumps to major events and seen tremendous enthusiasm for the product - even resorting to playing a game or two live on event radio!”
    Andrew Lee Gates of Praise
  • “Very impressed with speedy delivery and excellent quality. Will be using them in kids work”
    Matthew Price
  • “Thanks very much for such fast and personal service. Testament Trumps proved a great hit with my friends doing student work at a church in Cambridge. Keep up the good work”
    Peter Snow
  • “We pray that all your plans in the Lord will prosper and He will direct your paths”
    Trish Lock
  • “Testament Trumps are the 'best thing since sliced bread', I'd say 'even better than' but you can't you wouldn't believe how bad they taste toasted! I use them as prizes at Youth Groups and Schools, Family Services and as presents on special occasions. It's a fun way to get to know about Bible Characters and you find yourself memorising things you thought you couldn't!”
    Tim Hill Sussex Evangelist, Outreach UK
  • “How on Earth do we get children and young people excited about the Bible in contemporary society?

    Testament Trumps - through their colourful fresh and innovative approaches have done just that. To see these cards bring life and light to the lives of children is a joy to behold and I'm enthusiastic about the Godly work Steve and the team have done to bring this 'more than a game...' to life. God has already blessed this venture – join the journey!”
    Colin Bennett Vice Principal, Moorlands College Christchurch

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