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The mighty Samson with Queen Jezabel, Abraham, Eve, Pharaoh and Wise Solomon


Testament Trumps have over 72 colourful and fun Bible cartoon characters available for teachers, youth leaders, schools and other ministries to use Free of Charge if it helps promote the ‘Good News’.  If you are running a lesson on any particular character then just send us an email with a explanation of why you want to use the image and we’d be happy to agree the extent of the use.  The only thing we won’t do is allow you to use them for a commercial use or alter/ change the images in any way – hope you understand.

We recently agreed for a charity which was set up to promote the use of the Welsh language to convert our cards into Welsh and distribute them for use in Sunday Schools.   We promote the gospel in more than one tongue whenever possible!  If you have any other ideas, let us know.

 Mighty Samson

Samson is the best known Strongman in the world!  His fame for his Strength is unparallelled and therefore he is a great role model for a healthy living lifestyle.  Ideal for promoting healthy eating and regular exercise.

Ideally we want to help kids come to know Jesus, but seeing as Jesus loves all kids, if we can help in any other way, then that will be cool too!

There’s a 6 week Sunday school teaching curriculum we want to bring forward too.  If you want to trial it for us, just drop me a line and let me know how you get on.