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Mission statement

  1. To create a game where Parents  can have fun with their children whilst learning about the bible.
  2. To provide a bible resource for youth workers and teachers to teach children about the main stories and characters in the bible.
  3. Make the bible relevant to children in 21st Century -no donkeys, sandals or long beards!
  4. Have Fun, laugh and play!
  5. Make the bible accessible to both Christian and non Christian children.

Testament Trumps are used in over 50 schools across the UK and we have sold over 16,000 packs since launching in 2009.  We supply church shops, youth groups and boys brigades but mostly, we are delighted to work with many parents and grandparents!

We have only scratched the surface so far and their are 25,000 schools in the UK alone, so please feel free to support us and promote our games in your school, church or with your friends and family.

Does it work? – Children and adults will have fun and learn loads about the bible by playing the game – we know because people tell us!

Is it fun? – Children love the colourful cartoon images, finding the hidden pictures and looking at the modern day bible characters.  Try it and you’ll see but remember it’s not about winning but it’s about having fun – so play with a smile!

How else does it help? – improves literacy, arithmatic, history, memory and social skills not to mention the fact that they are great ICE BREAKERS!

Who can play it? – Anyone from 5 to 105 (children play with grand parents!)

Do I have to be a Christian? No absolutely not.  Lots of non Christians parents say they are happy for their kids to play this game as it’s doesn’t force Christianity down their throat.  We like to think that we copy Jesus in our approach.

Want to know more? – Drop us an email or pick up the phone – we’d love to hear form you.