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What happens if you deny Jesus?

Posted on by Steve

Here is a good debate topic – I had it with a guy just the other day:

You are sat in a cafe having a relaxing coffee and suddenly a mad man rushes in with a gun.  He holds it to your childs head and say’s ”Are you a Christian…… I’m going to kill your kid if you say yes!”

What do you say?

Well you could take two views:


1. The bible says that if I deny Jesus then He will deny me infront of the angels of heaven.  Not a great scinario for my kid!  I might argue that Jesus has everything in hand and will miraculously save me from this situation or that my child will soon be living with Jesus in heaven and salvation is more important than life (which will pass away eventually anyway).  I love my child but this loony is trying to force me to choose between my child and God.  Oh what do I do?

2. Remember this, Peter denied Jesus three times before the crucifiction and boy did Peter beat himself up about it afterwards!  But Jesus knew that he would cave in under the huge pressure before it ever happened!  The cross was the price paid in FULL!  There was nothing Peter or anyone else could add or take away from the finished work of Christ.  The deal was done despite Peter’s performance and some days later Jesus picks him back up again and restores the relationship based on the one key truth.  Jesus was the Son of God and that this revelation alone was all Peter needed to be saved.   Oh what should I do?

At the end of the day, you have to make a decision ….. but what do you do? Discuss……

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