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Exodus Rap! – can you complete it?

Posted on by Steve

In Chapters 7-11 of a small black book, there’s a bible story and you should have a look,

Based in a country where it’s hot and full of sand, you’ll find a man named Pharaoh and his evil band.

One day while relaxing on a throne made of gold, A man names Moses brought a message he’d been told.

It was time for Pharaoh to let Gods people go free, it was part of His plan for you and me!

Pharaoh liked to rap and he wa a big bad king, so Moses brought the message and started to sing,

Let God’s people go free or just like Noah and the flood, the rivers and streams will turn –  to blood!

Next came the frogs and Egypt started to hop, Pharaoh called Moses and asked it to stop,

With no change of heart, Egypt kept worshipping Cats, so next on the list I AM sent the gnats!

The gnats bit the people and the streets were full of cries, but before the plague was over God sent the flies,

If Pharaoh had been wise he could have stopped at 4, but his heart was hard and he would face 6 more!

God curse the livestock and the animals fell ill, and before Pharaoh knew it they were all lying still,

If he’d known who to blame they’d be thrown in jail, but things were getting worse.. it was about to hail!

Ice fell from the sky it was the size of rocks, it killed all the livestock and flattened all the crops,

Some of Pharaohs advisers started to understand, if things didn’t change soon Egypt wouldn’t stand!

Now the women of Egypt were beautiful and thin, they spent most of their time looking after their skin,

Honey for their hair and salt to cleanse their pores, but I AM sent the boils and they were covered in sores!

Now the whole of Egypt was an itchin and a scatchin, we aren’t talking DJ’s and we aren’t talking rappin,

They cried in the streets ‘what a terrible day’ but when they looked to the distance the sky was turning grey!

Pharaoh stood by his palace and looked to the East, what was flying through the sky was a terrible beast,

He was used to witchcraft and all this hocus pocus, but he never guessed God would send a plague of Locust!

Egypt was stripped bear by the time they flew away and there was no food left.. not even an ounch of hay!

There was nothing green left anywhere in the land, all that was left was Gold and of course Sand!

Now you’d think by now Pharaoh would chage his mind, but he wasn’t that wise and he wasn’t that kind!

He did things his way, it didn’t matter about the rest, there was no way he was going to fail this test!

Plague number 9 seperated light from dark, Gods selection of Israel couldn’t be more stark,

Egypt sat in the dark but Gods people sat in the sun, for Moses and God this was pretty good Fun!

…… can you finish the rap?  One plague left so it should be easy.  But as a extra challenge, can you find a way to summarise the rap with one final verse of 4 lines  linking to Jesus and His death as the first born of God setting us Free?  I’ll post my version in a little while :-)

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