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King of Kings T Shirt

Posted on by Steve
Remnant T Shirt – King of Kings

The vision has finally turned into reality. After over 10 years of dreaming about bringing out a T Shirt range, we finally released the first Remnant T shirt which is the King of Kings print.

I always wanted to be able to wear a Christian T without it being covered with the ‘Jesus Loves you message’ or ‘big crosses’.  At the same time, I’ve always loved surf wear designs but could I get them both on one product.

Well, here it is!  Linking to Revelations 19 verse 16, the King of Kings / Lord of Lords description of the Son found in Revelations.  With a fashionable two colour design in cream and gold on  a black T – it’s great.

So what is a Remnant? Well, it’s a small group of people who hold onto a vision and who wish to pass it onto the next generation.  In the bible, Elijah was pleased to find that God had held back a Remnant of prophets when all the rest had been killed off by Jezabel.  It’s a select group and that’s what our brand stands for.

Available in various sizes on our web site from April 2012 for £12.99 plus P & P this is the first of many designs to come forward.  Watch this space!


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