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Welcome to Testament Trumps

Testament Trumps are fun filled, Bible focussed card games which play just like Top Trumps.  Packed full of bright and colourful cartoon heroes these pocket sized games are easy to play and suitable for the whole family.  But they are more than just a game …….!








They are a fun way to teach children both the stories from the bible and key scripture memory verses.   Our games are widely used in schools, youth groups, Sunday schools and by thousands of families around the UK because they have:

  • Fun cartoons which are easy for children to relate to  with modern day images – life guards, policemen, surfers and even a pop star!
  • Every picture links to the characters bible story and as children learn by seeing things, they remember the story easily.
  • Visual links between key characters e.g Rachel, Joseph and Judah for example all have multicoloured material to show family links!
  • Hidden image in every picture – it’s a bit like find Walley. As children study the cards carefully they take in all the information whilst playing.
  •  Scoring Categories carefully chosen to teach important bible facts.
  • Memory verses on every card which focus on important scriptual principles.  As they are part of the game play they are easy to learn.
  • Scripture references on every card making them easy to find in the bible.
  • Golden Cards – special trump cards where you challenge opponents to remember things i.e The 10 Commandments, Plagues on Egypt, Fruits of the Spirit and The names of God. 

You simply can’t play these games without learning something about God and that’s why we say they’re the games whereEVERYONE’S A WINNER!’

Played in groups of 2-5 players, why not watch the video which shows you how to play the game?  Here is an  example card which shows how each card is set up:


Why not start teaching your children about the bible today with these fun resources.  Visit our buy now page and order your packs today! 

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